About Us

We are sisters and registered nurses. Anna works in an Emergency Department and Selena works in an adult Intensive Care Unit. Our many years of working as nurses have made it clear to us that wearing a generic hospital gown is often a patient's number one complaint. We saw an opportunity, with our business, to improve the patient experience by designing gowns that are attractive, comfortable, and, most importantly, completely cover your "backside" : When you look good, you feel better.

About Our Name

The name "Annie and Isabel" honors our great-grandmother, Annie, and our grandmother, Isabel. We were so blessed to have our great-grandmother in our lives. Annie was a selfless, spirited woman and role model to many generations in our family as she lived to the age of ninety-eight. Our grandmother, Isabel, was a beautiful and loving woman who died of pancreatic cancer when we were young. She is the reason that we are both nurses today. Our childish dreams included the wish of naming our future daughters after these women who were so dear to our hearts. Six boys later, we are honoring our grandmothers in another way. Their names will live on with our new business venture….. "Annie and Isabel".

Selena With Great Grandmother Annie

Anna and Selena with Grandma Isabel