Story Behind the Gowns

All our gowns are named after women who have inspired us. We are proud to introduce our gowns and tell you the stories of these women who influenced our lives.

The Isabel Gown

Our Grandmother Isabel

Introducing The Isabel Gown

Isabel was our maternal grandmother. She was tall, beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated. She was a leader before women were leaders. We lost her to pancreatic cancer before we were ready to give her up. She was valiant throughout her illness and inspired us to pursue careers in nursing.

The Isabel...

We wish you the grace and strength of our grandmother.

The Annie Gown

Our Great-Grandmother Annie

Introducing The Annie Gown

Annie was our great-grandmother and lived to be almost 98 years old. She was born to immigrant parents and lived at a time when nothing came easy. Life was never taken for granted and with hard work came reward. Annie's whole focus in life was to love and serve her family. She gave us the values of the past. She was spunky, selfless, and fun. This pink gown is in honor of Annie. It is a happy gown and reminds us of her spirited personality.

The Annie...
We wish you love and happiness to last generations.

The Anita Gown

Our Great-Aunt Anita

Introducing The Anita Gown

Anita was Anna's godmother and our great-aunt. She loved to cook and plan for the holidays. She was always a comfort with her calming demeanor. She had all the qualities of "Home Sweet Home".

The Anita...
May home always be your comfort.

The Evelyn Gown

Our Great-Aunt Evelyn

Introducing the Evelyn Gown

Evelyn was Selena's godmother and our great-aunt. When Evelyn walked into a room, you could feel her optimistic and happy presence. She loved to laugh and we laughed with her. She was sunshine and this cheerful gown reminds us of her.

The Evelyn...
May you always be young at heart.

The Elizabeth Gown

Our Grandmother Elizabeth

We are especially excited to announce The Elizabeth Gown, a special edition gown to support people affected by the diagnosis of breast cancer.

This gown was named in honor of our grandmother, Elizabeth. She was strong, brave, and resilient during her battle with breast cancer. She was a fighter and refused to ever stop planning for her future. She was also very stylish throughout her life and she would have loved to have had her very own designer gown.

The fabric, which is made of 100% high quality cotton, is a part of the well known Karen Neuburger brand. A portion of all sales will be donated to breast cancer research to help in finding a cure.

These gowns are the perfect gift for any friend or relative who has been touched by the diagnosis of breast cancer. We had a dear friend recently tell us, "I wish I could have had this beautiful gown on the day I lost my breasts." We believe our gown can be an uplifting gift during an experience that challenges femininity.

The Elizabeth...

We wish you the courage of our grandmother.

The Susan Gown


Our Mother Susan

Introducing The Susan Gown




This gown is named after our mother and best friend, Susan.
Her world revolves around family, both past and present. Her love of geneology has given us a sense of who we are as women in a continuum of strong family ties.
Susan values the unconditional love that she received from those who nurtured her
as the greatest gift in her life, and she, in turn, has given that gift to us.

The Susan...
We wish you the joy of unconditional love in your life.